Principal’s Message

In these days of growing needs and ambitions with ever diminishing resources, Kabir Medical College (KMC) opens the door for all those who have high dreams and are full of enthusiasm to facilitate the improvement of health sciences. We at KMC teach our students the latest advancements in the field with advanced teaching technique. To us what matters is to produce doctors who are capable to coupe with health crises all over the world and to take KPK and Pakistan into a brighter future. Our standard and quality of education has been constantly upgraded and still changing constantly to adapt to the needs of medicine. We are proud of conducting our exams on time and keeping a continued check on our student’s academic record so as to take necessary steps to guide them if they need guidance. We keep the parents informed of their child's performance so as to facilitate overall enthusiasm of our students. Along with academics, we provide students with opportunity to show their talents at sports and other co curricular activities. We are one of affiliated colleges of Gandhara University, the name of which speaks for itself. Having recently been upgraded to category "W" by Higher Education Commission, we are proud to be a part of this institution. It is a pleasure to welcome you to Kabir Medical College where your future awaits you.


Prof.Dr. Ahmad Hussain Mishwani

Principal, Kabir Medical College Peshawar