Kabir Medical College ( KMC) was established by the renowned surgeon Late Prof. Muhammad Kabir in October 1995. Surgeon M. Kabir had served on posts of Principal Khyber Medical College and as in charge of Lady reading Hospital and Khyber Teaching Hospital, he also served as health sectary NWFP 1991-1993 and during these posts he figured out the importance of good medical education and health system. Being involved on pivotal posts gave him the in site of developing a medical system that would give batter education to the students and good health support system for the patients. After retiring from Public sector Surgeon M Kabir started off with a few close friends and colleagues on the project of first private Medical College in NWFP. Along him were his close friends and class fellows from Daw Medical College, who had 25 - 30 years of teaching and clinical experience in their relevant departments in public sector and had retired recently, they included:

Prof. Surgeon Muhammad Kabir (Late) Chairperson

Prof. Dr Hanif Quraishi (Head of Physiology)

Prof. Dr Afzal Khan (Head of Anatomy)

Prof. Dr Iftikhar Ahmed (Head of Community Medicine)

Prof. Dr Ahmed Khan (Head of Biochemistry)

Prfo. Umeed Akhtar (Late) (Head of Dentistry)

Prof. Dr Shams Ur Rehman (Late) (Head of Medicine)

Prof. Dr Riaz Ahmed (Late) (Head of Surgery)