Healthy Pakistan: The Role of Sardar Begum Dental College

To take Pakistani population into a brighter and healthier future every institution of Gandhara University has contributed in its own way. Sardar Begum Dental College has taken on the challenge of educating the population about the importance of healthy teeth and Cesassion of Naswar/Pan and on this web site there is some information for the visitors.


The dental profession has the public pretty well scared into thinking that we have to go to the dentist and get our teeth cleaned and checked every six months and we've been made to believe that this has something to do with our having healthy teeth and gums. We believe that you could very easily live out an entire lifetime and never see a dentist, and who wouldn't want that???? We believe that to keep your teeth health you have to be regular with your brushing and should do it twice a day, it has also been noticed that in our society people don't rely on tooth brush and they too have healthy teeth and instead they use MASWAK, which indeed does the work very well, and apart from the healthy teeth there are other advantages of this technique. Links:


Smokeless tobacco products have been in existence for thousands of years among populations. Over time, these products have gained popularity throughout the world. They are considered to be icon of style, culture and status. Smokeless tobacco is consumed without burning the product, and can be used orally or nasally. These products are placed in the mouth, cheek or lip and sucked (dipped) or chewed.

In our culture NASWAR AND PAN are the two main culprits. specially Naswar for the northern part of Pakistan. There is a significant evidence available that this is injurious to health and besides it gives the person a bad breath and bad oral hygiene. Smokeless tobacco contains carcinogens, which contribute to cancers of the oral cavity and the risk of other head and neck cancers. Smokeless tobacco use also causes a number of noncancerous oral conditions and can lead to nicotine addiction similar to that produced by cigarette smoking.