History of Naseer Teaching Hospital

Naseer Teaching Hospital was established in early 1980 as an Orthopedic and Trauma hospital for the Afghan war effectes, mostly victims of mine injuries. It was funded and run by a German organization with the help of local and foreign medical staff. The hospital would also look after the rehabilitation of the patients following their surgery by fitting prosthesis for the amputated limbs and social support.

In early 1990 the hospital was shut down due to lack of funds and end of the war. Though the Afghan war was over, there was still the need for a hospital that would look after the displaced Afghan community. The idea of establishing a hospital for the local population on charity basis was coined by the founder of Gandhara University Prof. Muhammad Kabir in 1995. The idea was put forward to the Board of Governors of the university. It was proposed that the abandoned hospital be run as a general hospital for the afghan camps and local villages. Since the new establishment took over, the hospital has been extended and new departments have been added, providing facilities at the doorsteps.

NTH has now been running as a charity hospital for the last 13 years fully funded by the Gandhara University to serve the local community. NTH has established itself as a full fledge 250-bed charity hospital with equipment that is constantly being upgraded. NTH is registered with the Department of Health of NWFP. The hospital has experienced doctors and support teams looking after the patients.