Department of Medicine

Department of General medicine provides the fundamental base for the diagnosis and treatment of patients. This department works round-the-clock, taking care of both inpatients and outpatients at the hospital and bringing students in vital medical contact with patients. The OPD is the busiest in medicine.

These facilities are put to good use by the practicing faculty that makes up this department. The faculty members, besides practicing medicine, attend national and international conferences to exchange knowledge on the progress made in different areas of medicine.

Students are exposed to problem- based Learning sessions during outpatient clinics, challenging them to use their knowledge to come up with diagnosis and treatment. The deparment is subdivided it to specialist departments but as a general the patients are first seen by general practitioner and then reffered to relevant specialist.

Dr. Masood-ur-Rehman Professor MBBS, MRCP
Dr. Zafar Hayat Professor MBBS, FCPS, MRCP, FRCP
Dr. Shafaq Naz Professor MBBS, FCPS
Dr. Muhammad Safeer Associate Professor MBBS, FCPS (Med)
Dr. Inamullah Khan Professor MBBS, Diploma in Derm. Sciences UK,
M.Phil (Pathology / Dermatopathology)
Dr. Muhammad Arshad Associate Professor MBBS, FCPS (Med)
Dr. Ghazala Shaheen Assistant Professor MBBS, FCPS (Med)
Dr. Muhammad Ali Assistant Professor MBBS, MCPS, Diploma(Psych)