About Naseer Teaching Hospital

NTH serves as a teaching hospital for undergraduate students of M.B.B.S, B.D.S, nursing and paramedical schools of Gandhara University. This generates the funds for investigations and treatment of the patients. The students are exposed to a variety of clinical material, and learn the basics of medicine in such an environment. The hospital has auditoriums for students with up to date system for delivering lectures and presentations. There is a library with a collection of medical books related to specialty of medicine and surgery, along with the latest medical and dental journals. Transport is provided to the faculty members, staff and the students.

Since 1947 the population of Pakistan has risen from 35 million to 180 millions in 2010. In this day and age when health issue is a concern of almost every house, the population of Pakistan is increasing more than the resources of the country, illiteracy is rising to a new height and at the same time joblessness is causing people to use the unlawful methods of earning their living, NTH provides health facilities to the poor population on charity basis and lawful job opportunity for the willing people with qualification. Efforts are on way to extend the capacity of the hospital from 250 to 500 beds, and to establish a full time Accident And Emergency system. The general OPD is average of 450 to 500 per day. The Operation theatres are equipped with basic needs, where professors and associates professors operate assisted by the junior staff. The Accidents and Emergency department is 24 hours and free of cost. From where the patients are referred to either to a department in the same hospital or other hospital with required specialties.

The doctors, nurses and paramedical staff of the hospital are train in the PTC (primary trauma care course) at the hospital that gives them the skill to identifying life threatening conditions following trauma and an insight of how they can be treated. The hospital has not established its own PTC faculty for regular course conduction. NTH is one of the only charity hospitals in private sector that offers specialized test and treatment by experienced consultants.