Healthy Pakistan: The Role of KMC
To take Pakistani population into a brighter and healthier future every institution of Gandhara University has contributed in its own way. Kabir Medical College has taken on the challenge of educating the population about the importance of cessation of Smoking and Hand washing and on this web site there is some information for the visitors.


Thinking about quitting is the first stem, its a time of congratulation to the person wanting to quit. Quitting to smoke is a work of a strong willed person and that is what you are just by thinking about it. If you are thinking about how you can stop smoking, the decision may seem tough, and tough it is but with will power and support from your family and friends, there is nothing you can't do!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Half of all the people who have ever smoked have quit, and so can you. If you've tried to quit smoking before and it didn't work, you can use what you learned from last time and can be successful this time. It can be very difficult to quit, but once you do, you'll look better, smell better, feel better, and be healthier. By quitting to smoke you are not only doing a favor to yourself but to your family and to your country. You are adding another healthy person to Pakistan and helping your economy.


Our goal is to take Pakistan into a healthy future and to provide teachers, family members, community leaders, children the simple importance of Hand Washing. With tools one can use to inspire kids to make healthy choices. Just a simple maneuver can help accomplish the national goal.

This hygienic behavior has been shown to cut the number of child deaths from diarrhea (cause of child deaths) by almost half and from pneumonia (cause of child deaths) by one-quarter. There are five critical times in washing hands with soap. (prevention of feco-oral transmission)

1. After using a bathroom (private or public)

2. After changing a diaper

3. Before feeding a child

4. Before eating

5. Before preparing food or handling raw meat, fish, or poultry

To reduce the spread of germs, it is also better to wash the hands and use a hand antiseptic before and after tending to a sick person. If your hands are visibly dirty or unsoiled, washing one's hands with a good hand antiseptic is the most effective overall way to prevent the spread of diseases.