Healthy Pakistan: The Role of Kabir Institute of Public Health

To take Pakistani population into a brighter and healthier future every institution of Gandhara University has contributed in its own way. Kabir Institute of Public Health has taken on the challenge of educating the population about Maternal education and health and patient awareness via Audiovisual aids. On this web site there is some information for the visitors. The links will be uploaded in due course.


Death during childbirth is an every day occurrence in Pakistan, it is among the highest rates of maternal and child mortality in the world. Many deaths can be prevented by changes in lifestyle and basic health care at home. To change health behaviors and provide services at the village level, the KIPH extends its Health Services by the philosophy to train local people as Community Health Worker.

A key distinction of Future Generations approach is the premise that KIPH need more than just knowledge and skills; they need the motivation and self-confidence (empowerment) to take initiatives back to their communities and accomplish changes for themselves. To facilitate an empowerment-based training approach, KIPH workers with local medical doctor and other teams to develop a new, culturally-appropriate approach to training.


  • Hold women health workshops for newly married women.
  • Give the women food for thought, to think why they think their children died during pregnancy.
  • Give advice on safe sex and family control.
  • To train a local woman as a KIPH representative to help communities and monitor the progress.


we are trying to bring changes by educating the patients about their disease by means of Audiovisual aids. Free Health Videos are created by doctors, physicians and patients. Our Video Services help educate patients by delivering informative videos about their diseases and offers them full treatment plans and results in a way which is understandable to them. Our medical videos help physicians fully educate patients on their specific healthcare concerns, the bond between doctor and patient will be changed forever with our video education.

The main idea behind this program is that the patients will be more satisfied by having their own doctor educate them about their problem. Doctors and physicians can educate patients without adding more work time to their busy schedules. Whether a physician just wants to introduce patients to their practice or discuss the most complex medical procedures, these videos will provide the patient with everything they need to know about their issue.

These videos will also empower the patients and bring trust and confidence of the patient in the treating doctor. A data base will be established to have a comprehensive library of health videos made by KIPH under the rights of Gandhara University. The videos will be dubbed into 3 languages so that the target population has a good understanding of the disease.