Facilities at Gandhara College of Pharmacy

Teaching Hospitals

i. Naseer Teaching Hospital ii. Sardar Begum Dental Hospital

Students receive Clinical Pharmacy training in these Teaching hospitals. These hospitals play a pivotal role in the training of Pharma-D students. Qualified teachers, clinicians, and technical workers in all these institutions actively participate in the teaching program of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Kabir Auditorium

The impressive Kabir Auditorium is always available for symposiums, seminars, special lectures, debates and functions arranged on special occasions. Auditorium occupies the center place of the campus and is air-conditioned with modern audiovisual facilities. It has a seating capacity of 280 students.

Central Library

Students have access to the spacious central library, where books and journals in the field of Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical subjects and Pharmaceutics are available in fairly large numbers. A special section of the library provides internet facilities for consulting latest scientific journals related to Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Rakaposhi Pharmaceutical Industry

For practical in the field of Pharmaceutics sophisticated equipment, instruments and machines are available at Rakaposhi Pharmaceutical Industry. The students of receive extensive practical training in the fields of Industrial Pharmacy and Quality Control, at this industry, under the supervision of teachers of the College and the well experienced and qualified technical staff of the industry.